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We have been producing audio, video, and print materials, CDs, books and DVDs since the mid 1990's. Our first Internet Radio site, LadybugLive.com in 1997 for LadybugPress, is still produced by us. We designed and established TeenTalkNetwork.com, a site for teens. Both sites are growing steadily... And MooseMeals.com, where we focus on a different perspective: social, political, lifestyle, and yes business too, views and perspectives you won't find anywhere else.

LadybugPress, Partners in Publishing, and the new NewVoices imprint are part of our publishing family.

We are producers of quality audio exclusively for Internet use. Our corporate customers have used audio material we have produced on both their Intranet sites and in their educational programs. We have expanded our resources to include the latest in eLearning techniques and workshop and conference presentations.

We have skilled voices contracting to us and our production staff is outstanding. We have have proven ourselves over time.

Don't let optimistic talk about technologies of the future fool you into thinking that good audio, especially audio with the live quality of broadcast radio, can be found everywhere. It can't, but we know where it can be found…



          I was told by many people that to get my book published would be a Herculean task. And then I heard about LadybugPress and the rest is history. A wonderful back and front cover design, clear pictures spread throughout to accompany the text, and complete openness and cooperation in the task of marketing and distribution. I couldn't have asked for more and 34 Million Friends of the Women of the World is out there in the country spreading a crucial message for the women of the world and the United Nations Population Fund.

            Lane Willey, author The Invitation and (soon to be released) Fireflies in Baldwin
          Georgia Jones is a wonderful editor. She has techniques that I have not been given before, such as starting at the end of your chapter and reading the paragraphs from the last sentence to the first. Reading it this way gave me an understanding of each sentence and allowed me to see if it was gramatically correct as well as needed! Thanks!

            Auriga Consulting Services
          "IA-C has provided excellent work for our clients. They have come in on time, creating AV presentations and e-learning materials which have been easy to use, well integrated to the client need, and effective. We are pleased to recommend them."

            Dave Jones
            Director Educational Services
            IKOS Systems, Inc.
          "Processing and producing video-audio products is a complex and difficult process. Your attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality, time-sensitive work, on schedule has made it possible for IKOS to implement a media-rich eLearning program that met objectives for both IKOS and its customers, and within budget. We look forward to a continued rewarding business relationship with you."

Fact: eLearning was invented by investment brokers on Wall Street to create a market.

Myth: Everyone knows what you mean when you say “eLearning”

Truth: eLearning means different things to different people

The E changes learning access, speed, consistency, delivery, and administration

What does eLearning mean to you?


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Our owners support the work of  eLearning Guild

We are offering you the opportunity to enhance your message or your individual site. You can add dimension to your web site by recording your own message or have a program from one of our affiliate stations playing on your site.

More about Services to enhance your web site and your offline audio experiences.


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At NewVoices.com we focus on audio and video for the Internet.

We have high profile hosts such as renowned herbalist Susun Weed, and new voices such as Janis Hahan, a radiologist who gives information and advice about obtaining those all important health tests. We have almost 10 gig of audio archives, over a dozen hosts talking to guests from around the world, and over 15,000 listeners. All of those numbers are growing rapidly.

Until now, we have avoided advertising, but we do not charge our listeners or our hosts and, if we are to continue to expand, sponsorship is the way to go. As with everything else at NewVoices, we have worked to find new, more effective and functional ways to get where we want to go. We use Internet interactivity to involve our listeners in the process through means that include audio ads, audio pull downs, banner ads, and video ads that will integrate with our programming without detracting from it; that will showcase your product or service by associating it with the host and program in a way that recommends rather than interrupts. Internet users are excellent multi-taskers, but they have come to expect a level of control and involvement with the process that television and broadcast radio listeners do not. We offer that potential to our sponsors along with the valuable company of our programming.

We will be happy to send an advertisers' package or media kit. (please specify which you are requesting)

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